Resource Links

Panel Design

Online Tools:

  • FluoroFinder

    • Fluorofinder is a free flow cytometry resource to streamline design of panels on your favorite DHVI cytometer: 
    • Fluorofinder helps eliminate challenges and headaches associated with designing flow cytometry panels/experiments for our specific instruments. 
    • Highlights include:
      • Antibody Search Tool – Real time feedback on over 145,000 reagents and 354 fluorochromes available on the cloud-based tool
      • Customizable – Multicolor panels that work with DHVI cytometer configurations
      • Free - Individual accounts at no cost to academic/nonprofit institutions & researchers
    • For a quick walk through the panel building process, watch this YouTube video.
  • BD HorizonTM Guided Panel Solution (GPS)

    • ​GPS provides a guided workflow for reagent selection based on the principles of panel design.
    • Use is free but users must create an account. Panels can be saved. 

Instructional Resources:

  • Principles of Panel Design: a PDF from BD showing key concepts for the design of multicolor flow cytometry panels
  • Spectrum Viewer: a helpful tool from BD to determine optimal laser and filter combinations for different fluorochromes.

Data Analysis

Online Tools:

  • FlowJo

    • FlowJo® is the leading analysis platform for single-cell flow and mass cytometry analysis
    • Individual licenses can be obtained through the DHVI flow facility (link).
  • Cytobank

    • Cytobank is a cloud-based platform specializing in the analysis and visualization of multiple single-cell data sets simultaneously.
    • Tools include SPADE, viSNE, and CITRUS analyses.
    • Monthly fee; free 30-day trial.

    • SPICE is a data mining software application that analyzes large FlowJo® data sets from polychromatic flow cytometry and organizes the normalized data graphically.
    • Free download.