Policies & Procedures



  • The DHVI Flow Facility is capable of performing analysis and sorting of fixed and unfixed specimens from a wide-range of sources. 

  • We have the capability to safely work under Biosafety Levels 1, 2 and 3 and are registered to work with Select Agents.

  • A Hazard Assessment review of new projects will dictate the appropriate SOP for us to follow.  This process is initiated BY THE END USER by completion of a simple online form.  

  • In conjunction with the DHVI Safety Team, the leadership of the RBL at Duke and the Duke Occupational and Environmental Saftey Office (OESO), we have developed Standard Operating Procedures for our facility.  These documents dictate how we work with your specimens in our facility.  

  • For PIs/End Users that need to provide protocol and procedure documentation to the Duke IBC, these documents can be attached to their registration and indicate that work will be perfomed in the DHVI Research Flow Cytometry Facility.

Data Management:

Protocol/Procedure Share Library:

Please email a PDF copy of a protocol you would like to share on this web page to user support  (Please include your name and the name of the submitting lab)

 Mouse Tissue/Cell Isolation:

Mouse Sample Staining/Preparation:

Human/Non-Human Primate Tissue/Cell Isolation:

  • Coming Soon!

Human/Non-Human Primate Sample Staining/Preparation:

  • Coming Soon!

Misc. / Other:

DISCLAIMER:  The DHVI Flow Facility has not specifically tested all of these protocols and make them available with no gaurantee.  Contact the submitting end user or Lab PI as indicated in the File Name.