Help & FAQs



Q. I’m a new user. How do I schedule time with the DHVI Flow Facility?

A. Visit our "Get Started" page for details on using the DHVI Flow Facility.

Q. Can a Flow Facility Operator run my phenotyping samples?

A. No, we are no longer offering operator-assisted phenotyping.  Contact the DHVI Flow Facility Director at (919) 681-8193 for special requests/collaborations

Q. How do I get trained to use the cytometers?

A. Follow the "Easy Steps to Using the DHVI Flow Facility."  Please note you will need to be linked to your PI and a fund code in CoreResearch.

Q. How do I get linked to a project (fund code) and/or PI in CoreResearch?

A. New users can be linked to projects and PIs by a PI, PI-delegate, or financial administrator. Please contact the appropriate personnel in your lab or department and indicate that you need to be linked to a project and PI in CoreResearch. You will need to be linked to a project and PI in order to make reservations on CoreResearch. 

Q. How do I register for a FlowJo site license or change my current hardware address?

A. Submit a request. Please note you will need to be linked to a valid fund code in CoreResearch.

Q. How do I retrieve my flow data from the flow facility?

A. If you are using the analysis cytometers as an independent user, you will transfer your data from the facility computers to your computer using your Duke Box account. If you used the facility for sorting, you will receive an email link from the facility to retrieve your data files.

Q. How can I know which cytometer is best for my panel of reagents (fluors)?

A. See Instrument Configurations in Download Library. Or, visit Fluorofinder to build antibody panels customized for our instruments.

Q. I am new to immunophenotyping and flow cytometry.  How do I prepare samples for flow analysis?

A. For sample preparation, see our Protocols/Procedures.  For customized consultation on assay and panel design contact the Facility Director.

Q. I've signed up to sort on the A01, but how do I get to the GHRB building?

A. The GHRB building is located behind MSRBII - from Research Drive, walk past MSRBII then go down the steps to the right. At the gate intercom, call security for access. Once inside GHRB, you will pass through an airport-like security check. Security will call your operator, who will then meet you in the lobby and escort you to the A01.