Immunology Services Offered

Commercial Luminex assays (Magnetic or Non-magnetic)

  • Full service from sample to data (plasma, serum, cell supernatant, tissue homogenate, cerebrospinal fluid, lavage fluid…)

  • Assay read only (BioPlex 200, BioPlex FlexMap 3D, MagPix)

  • BSL2 and BSL3, Select Agents

Sample preparation

  • Plasma, serum, or PBMC prep from whole blood
  • Tissue specimen prep/homogenization
  • Nucleic acid extraction
  • Bead-based cell separation


  • Commercial kit
  • Custom antigen-specific endpoint ELISAs

Real-time Thermocycler use

Quantitative signal joint T Cell Receptor Excision Circle (sjTREC) analysis (mouse, human, NHP)

TCRB sequencing (human)