RBL Virology

The RBL Virology Unit is a service component of the Regional Biocontainment Laboratory at Duke (housed in GHRB). The Virology Unit was created to provide world-class quality-controlled support for virus research requiring up to and including enhanced biosafety level 3 containment. In addition to the influenza program the Virology Unit has expertise in work with influenza virus, coronaviruses, alphaviruses, flaviviruses, poxviruses, rotavirus and vesicular stomatitis virus.

The primary focus of the Virology Unit has been the development of a comprehensive portfolio of influenza assays and services. We are currently approved for work with mouse-adapted, human historic/contemporary, low/highly pathogenic avian and Select Agent influenza strains.  A major accomplishment of the group is establishment of a ferret model of influenza challenge which is now available for strains requiring ABSL2 containment. In response to COVID-19 the UNit has developed assays and services to supoprt SARS-CoV-2 research.

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Unit Manager:  

Trey Oguin, PhD

(919) 681-3072, thomas.oguin@duke.edu