Regional Biocontainment Laboratory

The Duke Regional Biocontainment Laboratory (RBL) was built with funding from NIH to support basic research to develop drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines for emerging and reemerging infections and biodefense.  The RBL has a comprehensive safety and operations program to provide state-of-the-art biocontainment facilities for BSL2 and BSL3 research.  The RBL was fully-commissioned in late 2007 (NIAID UC6-AI058607).

The Duke RBL supports basic research programs and has three collaborative Core units that focus on ImmunologyVirology, and Microbiology.  These units are available to Duke faculty and their collaborators as fee-for-service service centers. Through any of these units, users can receive safety/security training, animal model support and use of the containment environment. These units can be utilized separately or all together to provide comprehensive study support (regulatory compliance, study design, study execution and data analysis). 

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RBL Leadership

  • Director, Gregory D. Sempowski, PhD
  • Associate Director for Program Management and Development, Heather E. Lynch, PhD
  • Associate Director for Safety and Operations, T. Scott Alderman, MS