Getting Started

The DHVI VGA core offers a 3 ways to utilize our facility to accomplish your research objectives.

  1. Sample submission- Researchers provide DNA/RNA or PCR amplicons and service is performed by core staff (Sanger DNA sequencing, PCR amplicon purification and Illumina next-generation DNA/RNA sequencing, HIV co-receptor, subtype and drug resistance analysis).

  2. Independent use- Researchers can reserve and operate the instruments independently and provide all of the required reagents (Illumina Miseq, Illumina NextSeq, real-time qPCR, Bioanalyzer, TapeStation, Qubit fluorometer).

  3. Intermediate use-For Illumina next-generation DNA/RNA sequencing users can prepare libraries and the core will provide appropriate sequencing kits. Core staff will operate the sequencing run. We can also provide library quality control and quantitation.

The first step:
Contact DHVI VGA core manager, Bhavna Hora for consultation and a price quote for your desired service. Our core manager and staff will guide you through the process to achieve your research goal as fast and cost-effective as possible.

The second step:
Register in the CoreResearch@Duke system, which will be used for integrated instrument reservation and billing services. All users must ensure that their NetID's are linked to the appropriate PI and fund codes in the system prior to any work being completed with the BIA Core.

Information on how to establish an account and complete the linking process is available on the CoreResearch@Duke Informational Page, specifically the training guide titled "How to Add a Facility User and Link to a Project".

For Sample Submission, review the Sample Requirements & Submission page.