Quality-controlled protein production for Research Use Only:  

DHVI PPF transiently transfects 293 or CHO mammalian cells with plasmids for recombinant expression.  All proteins are run on SDS-Page and Western Blot for quality control analysis, and proteins that are not at least 85-90% pure are further purified. 

  • Nickel, lectin, protein A, and Kappa select purification methods are available.

  • Recombinant Viral Envelope Proteins (1 or 4 Liter Run Scale Production)

  • Recombinant Immunoglobulin (Ab or Fab; 1 or 4 Liter Run Scale Production)

Protein purification and Quality Testing

  • FPLC-SEC Purification
  • Sterility, endotoxin and mycoplasma testing available