Get Started

Easy Steps to Use the DHVI Flow Facility

  1. Depending on what equipment and what campus you plan on using, please refer to these intial steps:

    1. For use of equipment on the main Duke Medical Center Campus: 

    2. For use of equipment on the RTP Campus:

      • Cell sorters (S01) and cell analyzers (P01; M02; R01): please schedule a training session on the RTP Bookings website.

  2. Get linked to a PI and project (fund code/PO number) in CoreResearch@Duke.

  3. Fill out a Hazard Assessment form at least 48 hours before your first session. This form needs to be filled out once for each type of cell analyzed.

  4. Schedule a session in CoreResearch@Duke.

  5. Download and fill out a cytometer-specific Protocol Sheet for each session. 

  6. Visit the flow facility with your sample in an appropriate container, and run your samples!