DHVI Flow Cytometry

The DHVI Research Flow Cytometry Facility serves the analytical and cell sorting needs of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute and researchers throughout the Duke Community. DHVI Flow offers state-of-the-art cytometric support to investigators in basic, developmental, and clinical research.

The Flow Cytometry Facility instruments are capable of performing BSL-1 through BSL-3 live cell sorting, phenotypic acquisition, DNA cell cycle analysis, and intracellular marker analysis. Analytical and sorting capabilities up to 18 simultaneous parameters enable researchers to define subpopulations based on cell surface morphology as well as size and complexity. We have three cell sorters (2 BD FACS Arias and 1 BD Influx) that are operated by facility staff.  We have four cell analyzers (2 BD LSRII, 1 BD Fortessa and 1 Luminex Muse) available 24/7 for trained users. Instruments are located in the RP105, MSRBII, and GHRB (RBL at Duke).

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Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • Research Triangle Cytometry Assocation Monthly Meeting:  3-5 pm on Wednesday, October 30 in MSRBI Room 001. We will host the monthly meeting of the RTCA, with a special focus on analysis of high-parameter cytometry data using dimension reduction tools. Directly after the meeting, we will meet at the Northern Spy (2812 Erwin Rd #104, Durham, NC 27705) for socializing/networking. Presentations include: 
    1. "Putting the pieces together: Analysis pipelines in Cytobank" by Geoff Kraker, Applications Scientist, Cytobank Inc.
    2. "A single cell atlas of tumor resistance to PD-1 blockade and radiotherapy" by Amy Wisom, MD/PhD Candidate, Duke (Kirsch Lab)

    3. "Using SPADE and tSNE to characterize antigen-specific B cells in mouse and man" by Derek W. Cain PhD, Assistant Professor, DHVI

  • Check out our Winter 2018-2019 Newsletter, with articles on new instrumentation, using the compensation wizard in FlowJo, and the "magic" behind the sort stream.

Facility Leadership

  • Director: Derek Cain, PhD
  • Flow Engineers: Steven Slater SCYM(ASCP) and Evan Trudeau SCYM(ASCP)
  • Research Technicians: Patti McDermott and Aria Arus-Altuz
  • Scientific Advisors: Gregory Sempowski, PhD and M. Anthony Moody, MD