DHVI Crystallography

The DHVI Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography Shared Resource offers services in determining and publishing macromolecular crystal structures. We provide everything from protein expression through crystallization and structure determination. Facility staff can assist with any and all steps in the process as needed. We welcome inquiries from investigators associated with Duke as well as those associated with other research facilities throughout the state and beyond.

Getting Started

To best chart a course for new structural endeavors, we find it most helpful for investigators to discuss their intentions with us prior to any discussions regarding training, chemical safety, billing procedures and so forth. Contact us by phone, form, or email (crystallography@duke.edu).

Protein Production

We offer protein production services to support our clients' structural biology aims. Proteins can be expressed in bacterial or mammalian cells and are purified according to their needs.

High-throughput Crystallization

The Oryx4 robot routinely handles volumes of 100 nl with precision and accuracy, stretching your precious protein samples to their furthest extent in crystallization trials. It can also readily handle crystal microseeds and viscous, high concentration protein samples.

Diffraction Data Collection

The core provides high-resolution X-ray diffraction data collection with the SER-CAT consortium at the Advanced Photon Source. Duke is a founding member of SER-CAT and supports access to synchrotron radiation for all Duke investigators.

Facility Leadership

  • Assistant Professor of Medicine, Nathan I Nicely, PhD